[Student Stories] MWELWA LOMBE: Empowering Myself during Extracurricular Life 2020/10/28 
Graduation Season 2019/06/22 
BGU Held the 2019 Spring Festival Party for International Students 2019/04/12 
2019 New Year's Gala of College of International Studies, Beibu Gulf University――“Sing with CIS, Dance for BGU!” 2019/01/13 
Passion, Dream and Youth -- The 2018 CIS Talent Contest Audition 2018/12/12 
Teachers’ Fun Games Held by CIS( College of International Studies of Beibu Gulf University) 2018/12/12 
Graduation Party Held in the University 2017/06/27 
Volunteers from Qinzhou University Serving the Theme Event of Qinzhou Culture and Natural Heritage 2017/06/10 
Lecture for AIDS Prevention Given in the University 2017/06/10 
Fund-raising for Teacher in Chronic Family Adversity 2017/05/25 
Approaching and Preserving Opera Culture in Qinzhou University 2017/05/17 
Admission and Employment Office Hosts a Exclusive Job Fair 2017/04/08 
Graduation Season 2016/06/19 
Chinese Government Scholarship Winners Visited Qinzhou University 2016/06/19 
Oversea Student from College of Humanities Participate in Preliminary of Chinese Bridge 2016 2016/06/18 
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