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Passion, Dream and Youth -- The  2018 CIS Talent Contest Audition

Source :CIS Editor: 张成国 Author: Lu Yushen Date:2018-12-12 ClickTimes:

Written by Lu Yushen

Translated and edited by Peter Zhang

On November 9th evening, the CIS( College of International Studies of Beibu Gulf University) 2018 Talent Contest Audition was being held in Hall A108, Teaching Building No.1. It’s a great honor to have invited our teachers Miss Lan Shuiping and Miss Qinsi, the President of the Foreign Students Union Wei Sulie, the vice President Li Yuyanying, the Assistant of the Jazz Dance Club Huang Huiping, the Assistant of the Art Department of the School Students Union Wan Yilai to serve as the judges.

The audition started with a light and warm song and then 16 other well prepared wonderful programs including singing, dancing, rap and so on followed. All the performers presented so wonderful a show that cheers and thunderous applauses never stopped and it was really a great audio-visual feast for the audience and the judges. All the  people at present fell into a sea of joy and passion. The performances of this audition were diversified in forms and rich and colorful in contents. All the performers, from home or abroad, showed elegant demeanor of their own countries, which also greatly highlights the characteristics of College of International Studies of Beibu Gulf University.

After the contest, the judges made brief comments on the show and the contestants as well. They sang high praise of the contestants' enthusiasm and passion. At the same time they pointed out some shortcomings to help the contestants improve  themselves to do better in the future.

The success of the contest has fully demonstrated the elegant demeanor both of CIS  and its young students especially  the cohesion and harmony of CIS of Beibu Gulf University.

Cambodian students are performing

Vietnamese students are performing

Thai students are performing