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2019 New Year's Gala of College of International Studies, Beibu Gulf University――“Sing with CIS, Dance for BGU!”

Source :CIS Editor: 张成国 Author: Lu Yushen Date:2019-01-13 ClickTimes:

Written by Lu Yushen

Translated and edited by Peter Zhang

In order to enrich the campus cultural life and welcome the New year of 2019, on the evening of December 30,2018, the 2019 New Year's Gala of College of International Studies, Beibu Gulf University―― “Sing with CIS, Dance for BGU!” was held in the first floor Lecture Hall of the 4th  Teaching Building. Vice president of BGU(Beibu Gulf Universtiy), Mr. Tang Gaohua, dean of CIS(College of International Studies), Miss Feng Li, some other leaders of BGU and all the teachers and students of CIS gathered together to celebrate the coming New year.

After a passionate opening dance, Miss Feng Li delivered a warm-hearted New year's speech to the Gala, wishing BGU a better and better development, wishing everyone a happy New year and announcing the start of the Gala.  And then wonderful programs of Southeast Asian customs and the characteristics of Qinzhou, such as Beautiful Vietnam ,The Lao People Who Like Jollification and Qincheng Wanda----The Beibu Gulf University in Qinzhou City were presented to the audience.  The guitar song Where Are You brought the atmosphere to its climax. The program The Show of Calligraphy, Poetry and Qipao really showed the great charm of Chinese traditional culture,  and deepened the well understanding of Chinese traditional culture by the audience, especially the foreign students.  The programs, the recitation Youth, the lyrics Only Yesterday, the fashion show Missing Beauty, the dance Superboy and the Zhuang dance Wandering in the Landscape were  unique.

The atmosphere of the Gala was warm, and one by one of the wonderful programs won continuous and thunderous applauses of the audience. Finally, the party came to a successful end in the chorus of two songs You Raise Me Up and We Are Families by all the teachers of CIS.

The 2019 New Year's Gala of CIS―― “Sing with CIS, Dance for BGU!” is colorful , various and  wonderful both in forms and contents. For the present audience, it is really is  a great audio-visual feast. And at the same time, it also displays the passion of all the teachers and all the young university students of CIS as well.

Miss FengLi, Dean of CIS

Mr. Tang Gaohua, Vice president of BGU


All the hosts


 Love on the brain

Beautiful Vietnam

Great colligrapher Mr. Wang Chuanshan

Mr. Fang Bingran

Chinese Qipao Show

Missing Beauty

Where are you

Super boys

You raise me up and We are families