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Lecture on the Comparative Study of the Customs and Festivals between Jing Ethnic and Urak Lawoi

Source :CIS Editor: 张成国 Author: Liujie Date:2018-12-12 ClickTimes:

     Written by Liujie

Translated by Tang Guoping

Edited by Peter Zhang

In order to make the marine nationalities of China-ASEAN well known by more people and  encourage them to actively take part in the study of the promotion of its marine languages and cultures, Dr. Lan Changlong was invited by CIS(College of International Studies of Beibu Gulf University) to give a relevant  lecture to some relevant researchers and students in Room 206, Teaching Building No.12 on November 12, 2018.

In his lecture, Dr. Lan firstly introduced the customs and festivals of the Jing ethnic in Guangxi and the Urak Lawoi in Thailand by VCR.

And then by PPT, through some comparisons about the specific time,clergies, the sacrificial gods,augury,and the ways of keeping away the evil between Singing festival of the Jing and Loy Reua festival of Urak Lawoi, Dr. Lan narrated the similarities and differences which are mainly due to their natural environment and the interaction of cultural exchange among nations. As for the traditional marriage customs,the similarities and differences between the two are mainly due to the result of the interaction with the environment,life style,fishery and the object of national exchanges. Relying on the song to choose a mate,areca as the media and the way to treat guest,not Living with her husband’s family are not only the remarkable common phenomenon in the two ethnic customs,but also the main features of the traditional marriage customs in the Pacific Rim culture circles. In addition, the comparison helps to make our students fully understand China-ASEAN marine nations,and actively participate in the promotion of the overall research of languages and cultures of China-ASEAN marine nations.

Dr. Lan is giving the lecture