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Mr. Han Junfeng Farewell to 2023 Graduate from Omnimedia Center

Source :Publicity Department Editor: 韦雪敏、周晟旻 Author: 曾秋莹、卢子旺、陆瑶 Date:2023-06-27 ClickTimes:

This year, there are over 5000 graduates from BBGU and I remember so many of you and your names. Because in countless stories told about BBGU in the past four years, I could always notice your presence. Mr. Han Junfeng, Secretary of CPC BBGU committee, said affectionately during the farewell party for the 2023 Omnimedia Graduates.

On the afternoon of June 26th, Han Junfeng, accompanied by the director of the Publicity Department of BBGU, Ma Xiuming, visited Omnimedia Studio for college students. In the farewell scene filled with deep emotions, Mr. Han Junfeng listened attentively to graduates’ stories about the Omnimedia in BBGU. He was moved by the tearful stories of the teacher-student relationship and classmates' love for the graduates, and cheered for their strong vows and fighting spirit.

In the end, Mr. Han Junfeng highly praised the graduates for their efforts in promoting BBGU. He hopes that Omnimedia graduates will grasp the key opportunity of career development in the future studies and work, work diligently, and repay the earnest teachings of their alma mater and teachers with practical results.

Mr. Han Junfeng in Omnimedia Studio


Mr. Han Helping with the bachelor cap


Mr. Han together with the graduate from Omnimedia Center