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[Seminar] The Construction and Evaluation of First-class Disciplines

Source :Publicity Department Editor: 韦雪敏、莫惠岚 Author: 覃焕展 Date:2023-07-07 ClickTimes:

[Seminar] The Construction and Evaluation of First-class Disciplines

Guest speaker: Prof. He Qingguang (Executive Vice President of China-ASEAN School of Statistics, Guangxi University of Finance and Economics)
Seminar host: Prof. Liu Haiyan(Director, Science and Technology Department, BBGU)
Time: July 7, 2023
Venue: Room 201, School of Marxism, BGU.

In the seminar, Mr. He Qingguang interpreted the evaluation methods and key points of first-class disciplines in Guangxi, conveyed the key focus direction of the Ministry of Education on the construction of first-class disciplines, and combined with the typical disciplines of the first round of Guangxi first-class discipline construction and the experience of statistics in Guangxi first-class discipline construction, reinterpreted the indicators of first-class discipline construction, and put forward suggestions on how to improve the funding efficiency of first-class disciplines.