Second Phase of Wonderland Summer Camp Successfully Completed
2019-07-23 11:43 符馨文  CIS 审核人:

Second Phase of Wonderland Summer Camp Successfully Completed


Written by Fu xinwen

Edited by Liu Weiling and Liang Hongmei


On the afternoon of July 20th, the second phase of the “English + Classes” summer camp closing ceremony was held by College of International Studies (CIS) in Beibu Gulf University. The Secretary Shi Zhongfeng and Vice Dean Liu Weiling of CIS attended the closing ceremony.

The closing ceremony was hosted by a Chinese headteacher Pang Shengmei, a foreign teacher Amir, student representatives He Xinbei and Chen Xin. A rich and wonderful learning achievement show in the form of songs, dances, dramas and presentations was given by the students of each class. The student representative, Si Peiying, gave a speech in English. The representative of the foreign teachers, Yuni, expressed his gratitude to the summer camp in his short speech. Huang Wei, the director of the Foreign Languages and Cultures Training Center of CIS, made a speech. In her speech, she said that the summer camp of this phase, with the joint efforts of all the staff, achieved the expected results and reached the satisfaction of the students, parents and colleges. This activity was organized rigorously, with rich teaching contents and approaches, and the students were full of rewards. Ms. Huang also expressed her gratitude to all the people who participated in this summer camp. After that, Mr. Shi and Ms. Liu awarded certificates of completion for the students. At the end of the ceremony, Mr. Shi announced that the second phase of the 2019 “English+Classes” Summer Camp at Beibu Gulf University was successfully completed, and took group photos with all students.

The summer camp was divided into four levels, level 1, 2, 3 and 4. Every morning, the students studied rich and interesting English knowledge in the classroom. In the afternoon, they visited the school's ocean and nautical labs, participated in hand-cut paper-cutting activities and pottery experience classes, and joined the interest classes in dance, football and basketball at night. In the English classes, the rich and interesting teachings of the faculty made the students learn in the best of spirits, and making their remarkable progresses. The study of interest classes was equally active and effective. The students chose different interest classes according to their own hobbies. Accompanied by foreign teachers, they practiced and consolidated their English in the study of interest classes, while also growing their talents and broadening their horizons.

At the end of the summer camp, the students and parents expressed their affirmation and gratitude for the success of this summer camp, as well as their nostalgic feeling of dismay.





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