BGU Held the 2019 Spring Festival Party for International Students

2019-04-12 16:36 乐琼  CIS 审核人:

Written by Yueqiong

Translated and edited by Peter Zhang


When all Chinese were about to celebrate their lunar new year, the Spring Festival, on the evening of February 3, our school BGU (Beibu Gulf University) held a Spring Festival party for the international students on the third floor of the West-Zone Canteen, and offered a special New year's big dinner. Chen Jinshan, deputy secretary of the school's party committee, Fengli, dean of CIS(College of International Studies) and guests from the Qinzhou Branch of the Agricultural Bank of China participated in the event and gathered with 250 foreign students.

      The gala venue was decorated with a full flavor of the new year: red lanterns, balloons, spring couplets etc, which set off the festive atmosphere. Mr. Chen Jinshan's humorous New year congratulatory message was warmly applauded by foreign students who came to learned more about the customs of the Chinese lunar New year and felt the love of the school for foreign students at the same time. Foreign students also prepared a rich evening festival to celebrate the Chinese New year, making the whole party wonderful and enjoyable. Representatives of international students also prepared special New Near greeting cards for the guests, with the words "Happy New year" written by students from more than a dozen different countries in their own languages. At the end of the party, Mr. Chen Jinshan lit candles, cut cakes and distributed the cakes to the international students, bringing the party to its climax. And at the party, international students also tasted the traditional Chinese lunar New year food, zongzi , dumplings and so on.

This party reflected the strong Chinese flavor of its lunar new year, combined with the elements of the cultures of various countries. The atmosphere of the party was really warm and peaceful and all the international students really felt at home and enjoyed themselves.


                                    International students are performing program

                                        Students and teachers’ group photo

      Deputy secretary Chen Jinshan is cutting cake for international students



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