Teachers’ Fun Games Held by CIS( College of International Studies of Beibu Gulf University)

2018-12-12 16:24 Lidan  CIS 审核人:

Written by Lidan

Translated by Tang Guoping

Edited by Peter Zhang


Fun games were held in the Hall of CIS(College of International Studies ) on the morning of November 15, 2018 to enrich the life of the faculty members, enhance rally power and stimulate the members to work and study enthusiastically.

Both competitive and individual items were arranged. The competitive items in team work are: three-legged race, blindfold nose-sticking game, big balloon carrying game(A game with two partners carrying balloons back to back without the help of their hands),and guided blindfolded running (A game played by two partners, one blindfolded, turns around for 20 times. While feeling dazzle, guided by the partner, run with the partner on his back,); The individual items are: ping pong blowing, ball-on-the-bat running, etc. In the process of the competition, all the teachers spared no effort to be the winners , revealing their demeanor and also the rally power of the CIS. The whole activity was carried out smoothly with excitement, thrill, and vivacity.

These activities revealed the teachers’ demeanor which was different from that on the platform in the classroom. When they were winners, they cheered like children, releasing their passion. Finally, the fun games ended satisfactorily.

These activities shows the team spirit of CIS, enterprising spirit and optimism of our teachers. At the same time, the enthusiasm of keeping fit is aroused among the teachers to motivate them to practice “an hour’s exercise a day, work healthily for decades and live happily for a whole life.”


Teachers are enjoying the games

Teachers are enjoying the games

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