Student Band T-FOX Concert Held on Campus
2016-06-14 00:00 WEI Chuncheng  审核人:
On the evening of June 14th, co-host by China Communist Youth League the Qinzhou University Committee , College of Humanities and Students Committee of Qinzhou University, the student band T-FOX’s concert was held successfully on our campus. The wonderful performance attracted thousands of teachers and students to the scene.
T-FOX kicked off the concert with a song named Swing Together, making the audience excited. And then they thrilled the audience with a series of wonderful songs. They sa ng out their love for rock music, their hope for a better future as well as their nostalgic feelings to the years and youth. Deeply touched by the performance , the audience applauded, screamed and sang along with T-FOX.
T he member s of T-FOX are four senior students of College of Humanities . This concert was their last performances on campus as students. With their favorite rock music, they want to bid farewell to the beautiful campus and their youth without any regret as well as show gratitude to all for supporting them and to the alma mater for cultivating them.

The lead singer and drummer of T-FOX

Guitar players of T-FOX


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