Oversea Student from College of Humanities Participate in Preliminary of Chinese Bridge 2016
2016-06-18 00:00 WEI Chuncheng  审核人:
On June 18th, the Guangzhou Preliminary of Chinese Bridge 2016- Chinese Proficiency Competition for Foreigners across the Globe was held in Shipai campus of South China Normal University. Fifty-one contestants from twenty four countries took part in the competition. They are oversea students studying in sixteen universities in five provinces of South China, including Sun Yat-sen University,Guangxi University, Fujian Normal University, Hunan University etc. Pei Jinxue, the Vietnamese Student of Humanity College participated in the contest on behalf of our university.
With the theme of “learning Chinese well to understand China better”, Competition 2016 set up 5 regions of qualification testing in the Americas, Oceania, Europe, Africa and Asia. Together with 7 regional teams from within China, a total of 12 teams will attend the semifinal and final race. Competition 2016 covers four sessions ,including written test, self-introduction, talent show and Q&A. Ten contestants will be chosen by Guangzhou preliminary to compete with five internet competition winners. Then only the top six can enter the next round.
Being the first one of our university to participate in the Chinese Bridge Competition, Pei Jinxue impressed the judges and audience with her powerful and graceful long-boxing performance. Though not able to enter the second round, Pei Jinxue still cherishes the experience.
Miss Liang Liping, the team leader of Qinzhou University, said while interviewed by the host, “Pei has been working very hard in preparing for the contest. So has every contestant. That’s why we have such a wonderful game tonight. At this contest, we can really feel the charm and the wide impact of Chinese in the world.”

Pei Jinxue is giving the self-introduction

Pei Jinxues wonderful boxing performance, a kind of Chinese kung fu

Group photo of all contestants


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