Chinese Government Scholarship Winners Visited Qinzhou University
2016-06-19 00:00 SU Renjiao  审核人:
On the morning of June 19, 2016, about eighty oversea students from six universities of Guangxi visited Qinzhou University for the Experience China event in Guangxi.

Experience China is a cultural experience events organized by the China Scholarship Council (CSC) for Chinese Government Scholarship winners, aiming at enhancing oversea students’ understanding of China. The event in Guangxi includes activities such as visiting industries, communities, cultural bases, folk culture villages with Guangxi characteristics. By taking part in these activities, the oversea students will learn more about science and technology development, history, customs and traditions of China.

In Qinzhou University, the visiting oversea students participated in various activities such as practicing Tai chi, learning Hanfu dressing customs, practicing paper cutting, etc. In the Traditional Chinese Calligraphy section, oversea students co-worked with students from QZU’s Calligraphy Association, writing down the Chinese characters “有缘千里来相会”, which means Though being far apart, souls which are one shall meet, indicating friendship between oversea students and Chinese students. In the Nixing Pottery section, students of QZU taught the guests how to make Nixing pottery wares, which is a unique art craft of Qinzhou, Guangxi.

All these activities impressed the oversea students. By this visit, they not only had a deeper understanding of Chinese culture, but also greatly touched by Qinzhou University’s hospitality.

Ms. Fengli, the director of International Exchange Department is giving an introduction of QZU.

Hanfu dressing


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