Approaching and Preserving Opera Culture in Qinzhou University
2017-05-17 00:00 Mr. HUANG Peisen  审核人:
In the evening of May 16, the last show of the Tour of Bringing Opera into the Campus was held in Qinzhou University, drawing a large number of students to watch.

China boasts six sorts of Chinese Opera, among which there are more than 360 various distinct forms, taking their names from their places of origin. Here in Qinzhou, the local opera is mainly based on Yue Opera and the form of tea-leaf picking opera, which is main focus of the show in Qinzhou University. During the night, the show got its credit for well presented forms of operas and artists' brilliant performance.
"I think the Tour of Bringing Opera into the Campus actually helps with the improvement of the overall quality of the student. Meanwhile, it is quite an experience to learn the charm of the local opera here in Qinzhou." Says one of the audience from the university.
It is reported that the Tour of Bringing Opera into the Campus, which was held in 15 schools in Qinzhou, is a solid move for preserving the local traditional opera culture in Qinzhou and enriching the campus culture.
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