Fund-raising for Teacher in Chronic Family Adversity
2017-05-25 00:00 Mr. HUANG Peisen  审核人:
"We are truely grateful for the help from all the staff and the student in the university. And we will definitely pass along the selfless love to who needs it" says Mr. CHEN Feng, when he held the hand of Mrs. ZHANG Manyan, vice chairman of Trade Union, Qinzhou University.
In November 2012, the son of Mr. CHEN Feng and Mrs. LI Jiawei had been diagnosed with desmoplastic fibromatoses. After the tumour being removed in Cancer Hospital Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, the son had relapsed in December 2014, and had to go for another tumour removing in Beijing Cancer Hospital. Then since January 2017, he had received three surgical treatment in Guangzhou and was not yet completely cured. Currently, the son is receiving treatment in Southern Medical University and told that there might be several surgery waiting for him. With the broken hearts, Mr. CHEN and his wife tried to raise fund desperately anywhere they could to cover the treatment, which is a dramatically huge cost.
When the adversity of Mr. CHEN's family was learned, a fund-raising proposal was issued by the Trade Union and Youth League Committee, Qinzhou University. The fund-raising had received an enthusiastic response among all the staff and the student. Within just a week, the fundraiser have received RMB 233,081.6 Yuan.

With all the conern and love, may the suffering life blooms again.
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