Volunteers from Qinzhou University Serving the Theme Event of Qinzhou Culture and Natural Heritage
2017-06-10 00:00 Mr. Huang Peisen  审核人:
On June 10, volunteers from Qinzhou University came and dedicated themselves to the Theme Event of 2017 Qinzhou Culture and Natural Heritage. The significant and splendid event, with their dedication, has surely become a memorable experience for the volunteer.

During the event of worshiping by campfire in the millennium Ancient-Dragon Kiln, the volunteer showed their warmth and fine working attitude when offering amenity celebration services and order maintenance. More surprisingly, a dance choreographed by the volunteer has demonstrated the vitality of Nixing Pottery. By the excellent body language through the dance, they have won the admiration from the audience. With the dancing performance and all others, the volunteer has demonstrated what contemporary college students are like, and their dedication to the community as well.

During the event of publicity for preservation of the historical relic held in Sanniang Bay, the volunteer helped experts from municipal museum with their restoration research and publicity on local historical relics.
Volunteers Performing
Volunteers in the site of millennium Ancient-Dragon Kiln
Volunteers in Sanniang Bay
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