Lecture for AIDS Prevention Given in the University
2017-06-10 00:00 Mr. Huang Peisen  审核人:
In order to raise the awareness and the knowledge of AIDS prevention among the college student, a lecture on the knowledge for AIDS prevention is given in Qinzhou University by Mr. Lin Zhaosen, deputy chief physician of the Qinzhou Forest Disease Prevention and Control Center. With the attendance of more than 280 students and staff from the university, the lecture has become an important part of the 2017 Qinzhou Anti-Drug and AIDS Prevention Awareness Month.

Mr. Lin have explained in detail the AIDS, its hazards, the various stages of AIDS clinical manifestations, its transmission, and effective measures to prevent AIDS as well. The lecture actually helped the audience know the AIDS better. Most of the audience said for the good of every one around, they will definitely apply the knowledge in their daily lives.
Mr. Lin Zhaosen Lecturing
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