Lecture to Faculty and Students of CIS(College of International Studies of Beibu Gulf University) Given by Professor Tang Guoping

2018-12-09 22:30 CIS  CIS 审核人:

Translated by Christopher Tang

Edited by Peter Zhang

A lecture On the Production and Competition Among the Translation Memes of Beibu Gulf University was given by Professor Tang Guoping in College of International Studies, on the afternoon of November 5, 2018.

In order to translate the name of Beibu Gulf University, Professor Tang listed out four kinds of translation memes of Beibu Gulf and analyzed the cognitive reasons. Through the analysis of the CM, syntactic structure, reference overextension, pragmatic enrichment, scope fuzziness and competitive process of these translation memes of Beibu Gulf University, Professor Tang introduced the cognitive thinking process of human beings in the process of translating the Geographic Names under the guidance of the general law: practice--cognition--language. Erudite Professor Tang’s lecture is very vivid, rich in content to reveal the attraction of applied linguistics.


                                                          Professor Tang is giving the lecture


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