The 1st BGU International Cultural Festival
2019-06-23 08:10 张成国  CIS 审核人:

The 1st BGU International Cultural Festival

Written, translated and edited by Peter Zhang

In order to promote the cultural exchange of our university students and show the friendly cooperation of the famous international project One Belt, One Road, the 1st International Cultural Festival was held in the School Central Square by CIS(College of International Studies), Beibu Gulf University on May 28, 2019. There were rich and colorful programs such as fashion show,singing,dancing, delicious food, games, recitation of classical Chinese works and so on. The atmosphere of the party was so hot that every participant was immersed in a sea of carnival and enjoyed a completely different international culture.

Mr. Tang Gaohua, Vice president of BGU


Miss FengLi, Dean of CIS









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