Vice President Tang Gaohua Led His Team To Participate In The Sino-foreign Cooperative School-running Declaration

2019-04-12 17:17 黎茂昌  CIS 审核人:

Written by Li Maochang

Translated and edited by Peter Zhang

  On April 2, Guangxi Education Department held a Sino-foreign cooperative school-running declaration meeting in Guangxi University of Finance and Economics. Vice President of BGU(Beibu Gulf University),Mr. Tang Gaohua led his team of eight,including Miss Fengli, Dean of CIS(College of International Studies) and other members from other colleges of BGU to participate in the meeting. Vice President Tang Gaohua gave the defense speaking and stated that Beibu Gulf University and the University of East Michigan in the United States had declared the cooperative establishment of a joint engineering college. Mr. Tang illustrated the basic information, the necessity, the feasibility and the advantages of the Joint Engineering College. The defense experts welcomed and sang high praise of the application materials and gave some constructive suggestions.



                                      Vice President Tang Gaohua is giving the defensive speech


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