The First BGU(Beibu Gulf University) Thai Calligraphy Competition

2018-12-14 14:01 Huang Ganlu  CIS 审核人:

Written by Huang Ganlu

Translated and edited by Peter Zhang

In order to standardize the writing of the Thai major students, CIS, The College of International Studies of Beibu Gulf University held the first Thai calligraphy competition in Room 208 of Teaching Building 11 on the evening of November 30, 2018. Four Chinese teachers, Miss Dang Xueni, Miss Wei Chunping, Mr Lan Changlong, Mr Lin Xueyi and one Thai teacher, Miss Fang Caiwen were invited to serve as judges.

To have a smoothly running of the competition, CIS had issued a notice half a month in advance to make all the contestants to get well prepared. On the night of the competition, with the help of the members of the Communist Youth League Committee of the Student Union of CIS, the staff members distributed paper and the copy of the competition content to the competitors, and announced that the game was limited to one hour. All the contestants got fully and seriously engaged into the game and an hour later, they handed in their works on time. In the process of waiting for the result of the competition, the hosts Wang Yaoze and Wangxu played games about Thai culture with the audience. After a short time, the result of the game was announced and 10 contestants were awarded the first prize, 25 the second, 35 the third and several well performing awards.

This competition has not only greatly made the Thai major students realize the importance of standardizing the writing of Thai, but also inspired them to show great interest and enthusiasm in learning it. We do hope more and better such competitions will be held in the near future!

Competition scene

Competitors writing intently

Judges are giving result

Award ceremony

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