Vice Mayor Paid visit to foreign teachers working in Qinzhou University
2017-01-12 00:00 Mr. HUANG Peisen  审核人:
"Can you get used to the life right here in Qinzhou Univeristy?" "When did the family live in China?" Mr. LI Zhenlin, vice mayor of Qinzhou, showed great concern about Mr. Guan Jieyao from Malaysia and Eric from Ghana, both of which are foreign teachers and currently working in Qinzhou University. On January 12, though cold and drizzling it is, Mr. LI Zhenlin paid visit to our foreign teachers.
In their apartment, Mr. LI Zhenlin learned about the work and life of foreign teachers in Qinzhou University, and expressed his gratitude for their great effort and contribution for the higher education in Qinzhou. Meanwhile, Mr. LI wished that the foreign teacher are able to get used to the environment and life in the university. Foreign teachers are very pleased for the visit of Mr. LI and with the great living and working conditions offered by the university. Besides, they promised to keep working hard and make contribution for the development of the university.
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