Qinzhou University Attends 2017 Guangxi International Education Exhibition
2017-04-27 00:00 Mr. HUANG Peisen  审核人:
In order to further improve the education of international student, increase the intake of international students and strengthen the international cooperation and exchange, the Guangxi Education Department jointly organized the 2017 Guangxi International Education Exhibition in Indonesia and the Philippines with local colleges and universities from April 16 to 23, 2017. Professor Feng Li, Mr. Huang Peisen, staff from the International Exchange Office of Qinzhou University and representatives of other 24 higher education institutions in Guangxi were invited to attend the exhibition.
During the activity, many local teachers, students and their parents attended the education exhibition and showed great enthusiasm in studying in Qinzhou University and Guangxi. Meanwhile, during the exhibition, representatives from Qinzhou University also visited the University of Alaza in Indonesia, the Philippine Chinese Education Center, and further discuss the possibility in exchange of teachers and students, joint scientific research and other cooperation in the field of education and sincere. As the outcome of the attendance of the exhibition, Qinzhou University has signed up a memorandum of cooperation with the AMIKOM YOGYAKARTA University, Indonesian after in-depth communication in terms of characteristic programs, discipline construction.
The Guangxi International Education Exhibition held in Indonesia and Philippines is a positive step of strengthening the international cooperation in the field of education between Gaugnxi and ASEAN and also a solid move of implementing the 13th five-year plan of Guangxi Education Department. Through the exhibition, Qinzhou University has further strengthened the cooperation and exchanges with educational institutions in Indonesia and the Philippines.
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