International students' Graduation Ceremony
2017-05-25 00:00 Mr. HUANG Peisen  审核人:
On May 25 2017, graduation ceremony was held and all the candidates from Huachiew Chalermprakiet University, Thailand, attended the ceremony. These international students have started their study in Qinzhou University from September 2016. Apart from the candidate, Mr. TANG Gaohua, vice-president of Qinzhou Univeristy, Mrs. FENG Li, dean of International Education College, Mrs. LIU Weiling, vice dean of International Education College and the presenter of the ceremony, and other lecturers attended the ceremony.
During the ceremony, all attendances first watched a Powerpoint presentation made by the candidate student to record every bit of their life in Qinzhou University. Through the presentation, the student's affection for the university and their lectures could be easily sensed. The student showed great gratitude for the help from their lecturers and local students around them.
In the ceremony, Mr. TANG congratulated that they finished the study here in Qinzhou University and graduated. Meanwhile, He expressed three points as the expectation for all the candidate. First, Mr. TANG hoped they will keep studying hard or work hard in the future. Secondly, he wished that they could be the ambassador and bridge for the cultural exchange between China and Thailand. Last but not least, Mr. TANG welcome them visiting back when they miss the place and people in the future.
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