Launching Ceremony of the Event of 2017 World Ocean Day Held in the University
2017-06-09 00:00 Mr. Huang Peisen  审核人:
June 8, 2017 is the ninth World Ocean Day, and the China's tenth National Ocean Day as well . In the day of  World Ocean Days, the university held the launching ceremony of the Event of 2017 World Ocean Day.
In the ceremony, Mr. Huang Hu, vice-president of the university and the dean of the Ocean College, believes that knowing more about the oceans and protecting the oceans is important measure s to develop the Beibu Gulf and educate college students . By organiz ing events in the field of marine and ocean knowledge will surely help with the establishment of Beibu Gulf University. He hopes that teachers and students will dedicated themselves to the publicity of the marine culture and ocean preservation, and carry the idea into every community.
During the day, Mr. Chen Mo, an expert of Ocean science gives a lecture entitled Our Ocean Our Future , helping students to better understand the marine culture. At the same time, brochures on marine environmental protection, basic knowledge of marine emergency, etc. has been distributed, and and exhibition of the biological specimen has been carried out by the Qinzhou Bureau of Maritime Affairs as well.
Mr. Huang Hu in the ceremony
A student reading materials about ocean preservation
Students observing the marine biological specimen


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