The Panel from Chinese Ministry of Education Finished the work of Undergraduate Education Assessment for the University
2017-06-22 00:00 Mr. Huang Peisen  审核人:
After a four-day investigation in the university, the panel from the national Ministry of Education have completed the work of Undergraduate Education Assessment for the university by the afternoon on June 22.
In the afternoon, a meeting was held for the feedback of the panel. On behalf of the panel, Mr. Xia Jianguo first give overall feedback for the assessment. The panel believes that there are seven aspects of the achievement and characteristics of the university s undergraduate education worthy of recognition. First of all, with the solid unity of the leadership, a fine situation of a full range of staff working together is formed. Second, by basing on the social and economic need of Beibu Gulf, the university has successfully clarified its orientation. Third, the construction of professional clusters is closely connected to the need of industrial chain in Guangxi coastal area, having personnel well-trained for the industry of manufacture and management. Fourth, by complementing the strategy of talents empowering the university, the team construction of teachers is remarkable. Fifth, by increasing the funds, teaching facilities has been well-built. Sixth, by promoting collaborative education with local enterprises, objectives of personnel training has been implemented. Seventh, by strengthening quality management, the system of quality assurance has been formed.
Afterward, all the other experts from the panel provide their feedback and suggestions for the university, in terms of the goal and orientation of the university-run, team construction of the teacher, investment for the teaching facility, the construction of the discipline, the personnel training, etc.

On behalf of the university, Mr. Zhao Jun, head of the university, responds to the feedback. He first shows the gratitude for the dedication and help from the panel. Mr. Zhao Jun believes, in this very important period for the establishment of Beibu Gulf University and Thirteen-Five Planning of the university, the assessment and all the sugeestions from the panel, which are believed to be constructive and targeted, are very precious and beneficial for the university. The university will definitely create a solid plan for future rectification in accordance with the assessment report. Hopefully, through the Undergraduate Education Assessment, the university will speed up its development and be built as a high-level applied university under the leadership of Guangxi Department of Education and Qinzhou municipal government, making a solid response to the community, government, and staff, students, alumni of the university as well.


Mr. Xia Jianguo giving feedback
Mr. Zhao Jun giving a presentation    


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