Signing Cooperation Agreement with Taipei University of Marine Technology
2017-07-03 00:00 Mr. HUANG Peisen  审核人:
On July 2, 2017, Mr. LIN Shizong, the head of the board of Taipei University of Marine Technology , Mr. TANG Yanbo, President of Taipei University of Marine Technology , and other 5 crew visit ed our school and signed a n agreement after discussing the possibility of mutual cooperation .
The guest first took a visit to the m aritime n avigation l aboratory, the s pecimen exhibition hall and the Nixing pottery teaching demonstration center , which is a provincial -level simulation laboratory as well . Credit had been given to all these facilities. Mr. L IN and Mr. TANG further said the maritime navigation laboratory was one of the most advanced among what they had visited.
After the campus tour, Mr. HAN Junfeng, President of Qinzhou University, had a meeting with the guest. After an introduction of the history, the vision and the characteristics of the university by the head of the two universities, representatives of the two universities discussed the issue of cultural exchange, educational cooperation and technology cooperation, reaching an agreement in the relevant field.
The agreement we had with Taipei University of Marine Technology will benefit the student with the intention to join the short-term program of study in Taiwan, which was jointly held with National Taiwan Normal University in 2015.
Mr. President introducing Qinzhou University
Mr. LIN Shizong introducing  Taipei University of Marine Technology
Agreement signing
The guest in the laboratory


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